I have been working on some small stuff. Just farting around. My day job had been incredibly busy, and my outside-of-work commitments have been more numerous than usual, so doing the smalls is quite rewarding.

lesa's cat finished


a quickie commish for a colleague, for her sisters bday. a portrait of her bright orange kitty.



this is a copy of another artists work. I have since changed out the eye for a glass glob, and painted the iris on. This will  be a gift for a fisher friend.

WIP tree branches.jpeg


WIP also a copy of another artists work. i love how the solder lines are the bare branches. Not sure how it happened, but the pieces became a little loose, so i had to stick the pins in to keep it all lined up for solder. I am out of 60/40, so thought i would try doing this with 50/50, but the bead isn’t tall enough. i think this piece, especially, needs the taller bead, so have ordered some 60/40 and am waiting on it.


~ by kellig on April 23, 2014.

3 Responses to “Smalls”

  1. I was wondering about the pins between the tree pieces. I am eager to see that one soldered and finished.

    • me too. i want to patina the solder copper, because i love how it looks with the foil. but I have had crappy luck with my copper patina that last few times. even bought a new bottle. i figured i would try it on the back and if it turns out well, i’ll do the front.

  2. I fell in love with this piece on a site and emailed asking if they would be interested in selling the pattern. Have asked twice and they do not respond. I would really like to make this. Have you seen anything like this?

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