Hopefully, it’s not terminal

Blew up my Gemini Saw last night. Turned it on, and it made a horrendous noise. Switched it off, checked it out… the blade was getting stuck at one point in its revolutions. I hand-walked it thru until it was moving well. The blet was a tad loose, checked the tension spring, that was a tad loose as well. Tried to tighten it, with less than ideal results. Turned it on, it gave a loud-ass whooping cough, and quit. I may, or may not, have seen a blue flash. I am really hoping that it is “NOT”. A blue flash would mean a burnt motor part, not my forte. Sprung springs and worn belts, I can handle. Burnt electric stuff: not so much.

rose pattern


Of course, this is the piece I am working on right now. With lots of sharp corners, and that big, deep inside curvature around the top of the rose. I will be testing my cutting skills today. Probably time that I practice those anyway. I love my saw, but having it has made me complacent.

I’ve picked up a couple guitars. Going to try the guitar face thing that is all the rage on SGA. I had a friend who saw one and wanted it, but I got cold feet and felt pressured and told her no-can-do. Now that I have mulled it over, I want to try it. Sky River Music, a music store in town, donated a guitar for me to practice with, and I picked up another at a garage sale yesterday. Enthused about that. Also have a couple little bee-and0flower pieces that I’m going to set my hand to. Simple. quick pieces.

I hope everyone has a slothful and boozy Mother’s Day. If anyone deserves it, it is mothers.


Cleaned her up, replaced the belt, held my breath and switched her on. She works!! YAY!!


~ by kellig on May 11, 2014.

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