On fire.

I feel hot, these days. Arty as all get-out. Finished a pattern tonight, and Jelly pattern, suncatcher-style. It’s a request from a fried in AZ, but since it is completely an Artist’s Choice, they have the right of refusal. While I’m drawing these up, I feel like I can bust them out, and stockpile a bunch and sell them at the Farmer’ Market, or, better yet, ArtWalk 2014, but it doesn’t actually happen that way, lol. I am not a fan of repeating stuff. Much.

Finished piece, for Sale. Resting Tree, $120   10×15

resting tree 1wtmk

This piece was inspired by another piece i saw somewhere on the web. I have just discovered image search on google, and am in the process of trying to locate all the original posters of images I have, so I can credit the original artist. Please be patient, I am working on it.

whoops, just realized that I have posted this already. My bad. Sorry.


~ by kellig on May 18, 2014.

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