Smalls and Lil Notcher

Working on some small flower pieces right now. Hope to have them done today. I need to start on a ballerina piece that is a commish. I am continually surprised at how time consuming it all is, lol.

smalls flowers wip


When I was gathering items for the class I taught, earlier this year, a very nice lady came in and donated all her glass equipment. all of it. it was fantastic. one of the items was a little device called a Lil Notcher. I finally went to the local glass shop and asked what it was. It is a little device that takes a “V” chunk out of single channel U came, so you can frame your piece in it. I used it for the first time, two nights ago. It is fantastic!!

lil notcher

no more unfinished edges on suncatchers and smalls, yay!!


~ by kellig on July 14, 2014.

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