amping up

hello my fine internet friends. thought I would try to post up some pics of my latest projects. ArtWalk 2014 is coming up in about 6 weeks and I am in full-blown prep mode. Additionally, I agreed to make a windsock fish as a silent auction piece for a fundraiser for Stop the Violence, on Oct 18th. To be honest, I already did that one, but it turned out so damn pretty, that I am keeping it, and now need to make another. Fickle, I am.

fish windsock teal belly

It seems as though the theme will be the ocean, again. I just seem drawn to those pieces. Throw in a few trees as well. And some sunflowers. I have been intrigued with other people renditions of circle trees. One artist, Roz, overlays them, another creates them out of bottle bottoms, an Idea I love, but not enough to go thru the effort of collecting and cutting. Maybe if I get a belt sander someday. I did mine as just a flat panel. the pic is before foiling and solder.

curcles cleaned up

tree ready for foil

Working in a mermaid piece now. I have done this in the past, and always planned to revisit it.

mermaid prep

Time permitting, i’ll get a whale piece done, hopefully a circle; two jellies; another set of windsock fishies, smaller and simpler, all hung from a branch with fishing line. And if I am really kicking ass, I will have some time for some random color pops.

Ok, quick post is over, time for shower. Have a glorious day, peeps!


~ by kellig on September 19, 2014.

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  1. Great stuff you are working on. Fun to see how you are using the mottled glasses within and as a border.

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