greetings from …

I am hoping that a certain someone doesn’t frequent my blog. They aren’t signed up for auto-notification, and they have a LOT going on, so I am going to cross my fingers and pray.

Current work-in-progress. Corgi’s. Taken from a photo. Will be a gift. I’ve begun a new process for grinding, which is to begin with the smallest pieces, and go progressively larger. I can vary that up with a specific area, if I want. It seems to move fairly fast with this method. I reached a point last night, where I needed to use the Gemini saw. It is coming along quite nicely.

lola & coco pieces 1     lola & coco pieces 6

It’s kind fun, watching it grow, from little tiny pieces, then in large spurts.

lo co progress 2     lo co progress 3

lo co progress 4 wide

Should have everything ground by tonight. I might play with the art for the next commission, a fairy. We will see.

Enjoy the day, kiddos.


~ by kellig on March 29, 2015.

One Response to “greetings from …”

  1. Holy cow, that is going to be nice. Wow. How big is it? I am not always impressed with pets or people done in stained glass. They often lack personality or something. I think it is really hard to get the pattern and colors and glass selection correct. It looks like you nailed it.

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