without further ado…

Champion Bitches, Ms. Lola and Miss Coco

This has been in process for a year, I believe. Possibly more. I began the pattern at the end of last year. The main problem, for me, with patterns, is that I must be in the perfect frame of mind for it. I can’t force it at all. I’ll do some drawing for a time, it’ll be flowing well, and then boom! The creative juices evaporate. It took about 6 weeks to finalize the pattern. And even then, I changed it once I began glass selection.

This piece was derived from the clients’ fave photo of their beloved Corgis, on the bank of the Rogue River in Oregon. The young lady on the left is Lola, my favorite dog in the world. (I’m a cat person, so that’s some heavy, treasonous words to lay down). She’s laying at my feet as I type, waiting semi-patiently for frisbee time.

Have a safe and happy 4th, eat lots of corn on the cob.


~ by kellig on July 4, 2015.

2 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Kelli, It is wonderful…worth all the work. Friend must be thrilled. Miss seeing your great creative posts. You are one of my inspirations! and go to person for advice.

    • Thanks Mitzi. I have been so so so busy in my day life, I just haven’t made time to post. Hoping that will change… Happy 4th to you.

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