the internet is weird

I think we have reached the point where the internet becomes self aware, and begins the take-over process. sigh. hello Teledyne Systems.

I’ve written a few posts for this site, but they have published on another of my webpages. which sucks mud. the archives folder only shows posts up to 2016. which is utter bullshit. once I figure out how to move them, I will post links.

the last post was march 2019, as I was building the backyard studio. the studio is mostly done now, just the roof to finish up before the rain starts again (fingers-crossed we have another wet winter). the ice & water shield was delivered yesterday, so now I am only waiting on cooler weather to install. we have had a wonderfully mild summer, maybe 12 days over 100, but it is still no fun climbing up there and working in that heat. this ol’ gal can’t do that anymore.


Here’s my backyard studio. this was the day of my open house for friends. it looks so pretty. I’ll be spending most of today out there, once I have my coffee and write. it was so much more work than I initially thought. moving the glass from the garage and the house was so much more work than I initially thought, lol. that took forever.



one of the best parts is the discovery of all the cool glass you have, that you have forgotten about. now I’m settling in, moving stuff around, getting a feel for working in the space. I had purchased a cool worktable from a friend who was downsizing her fabric business, mainly because I didn’t want to move my existing one. but it isn’t working out and I am going move the existing one. today. that is todays chore.

I should probably get to it. coffee is consumed, time to get dressed and get to work/play. Happy Labor Day everyone.


~ by kellig on August 31, 2019.

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