My little helper

My kitty Mookie likes to hang out in the studio. She has a bed on the table, but often she likes to just come lay down in the middle of things (I allow it as long as I’m not soldering or applying flux).

ignoring her fancy bed in favor of the hard tabletop

sometimes she needs love, others she just wants to hang out and be a cat. There’s a bad feeder in the tree outside, so she’ll lay there and watch them, then explode into furry action when she thinks she has a chance of catching one.

I did a several smalls over the summer: gifts for people who had lost pets, a couple of pieces I made for myself, a bunch of animal paws for people who were shopping for Christmas early. sometimes it’s nice to do a little quickie piece after a big complex piece, like the mermaid in the pic.

Memorial hearts
Crystals for a witchy friend
an order of paws for christmas

It’s nice having company out there. Cats are the perfect companion, they never complain about the mess.


~ by kellig on December 4, 2020.

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