small done, and a sea change

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smalls are done for artwalk 2014.

sunflower trio closeup


red poppy


ca poppies


brown sunflower_2


the California Poppies is a copied piece, the original artist I cannot track down. For whatever reason, google image search doesn’t work on my computer…



Never say ‘last’.

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Happy belated New Year, lol. I have been very absent from this page for far too long. Life gets in the way of life, and i was focused on other things. 2015 was an eventful year, full of new experiences, travel and growth. I’m hoping 2016 will be a little less of a rollercoaster, while incorporating some travel and personal growth.

In my glass practice I had one more commission last year, after saying the tree was my last. It was a new twist on a popular piece, Dragonflies in Grass. It needed to fit a 20×30 window, and have a horizontal layout. i like the new orientation quite a bit. i’m thinking of playing with the design for a later project, adding in some other denizens of the insect world; ladybug, preying mantis… that kind of thing.


It was a treat to be able to work on this piece in a large size. Nice big pieces for cutting and grinding, lol.

Here it is in place. Looks great, and it’s so gratifying to be able to see it hung in it’s new home. Thank you ES for the opportunity to create a lovely window for you.

Buy me!!

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This beautiful mammal needs to find a new home with someone. Contact me with a reasonable offer. Can ship. 23.25w x 26.25h. Can ship in time for Christmas, as long as it’s ordered by the 15th. 


and the last commish is done…

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And today, the final commission is done. Now to take a break for a bit. To work on my own projects. Get some smalls done for Christmas. This one is heading off to Michigan, to grace an upstairs window in a little house in Yspilanti. Bye bye, beautiful tree…


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without further ado…

Champion Bitches, Ms. Lola and Miss Coco

This has been in process for a year, I believe. Possibly more. I began the pattern at the end of last year. The main problem, for me, with patterns, is that I must be in the perfect frame of mind for it. I can’t force it at all. I’ll do some drawing for a time, it’ll be flowing well, and then boom! The creative juices evaporate. It took about 6 weeks to finalize the pattern. And even then, I changed it once I began glass selection.

This piece was derived from the clients’ fave photo of their beloved Corgis, on the bank of the Rogue River in Oregon. The young lady on the left is Lola, my favorite dog in the world. (I’m a cat person, so that’s some heavy, treasonous words to lay down). She’s laying at my feet as I type, waiting semi-patiently for frisbee time.

Have a safe and happy 4th, eat lots of corn on the cob.

greetings from …

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I am hoping that a certain someone doesn’t frequent my blog. They aren’t signed up for auto-notification, and they have a LOT going on, so I am going to cross my fingers and pray.

Current work-in-progress. Corgi’s. Taken from a photo. Will be a gift. I’ve begun a new process for grinding, which is to begin with the smallest pieces, and go progressively larger. I can vary that up with a specific area, if I want. It seems to move fairly fast with this method. I reached a point last night, where I needed to use the Gemini saw. It is coming along quite nicely.

lola & coco pieces 1     lola & coco pieces 6

It’s kind fun, watching it grow, from little tiny pieces, then in large spurts.

lo co progress 2     lo co progress 3

lo co progress 4 wide

Should have everything ground by tonight. I might play with the art for the next commission, a fairy. We will see.

Enjoy the day, kiddos.

falling down on the job

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so much for blogging every weekend. that lasted all of, what?, two or three weeks? sigh.

Working on the corgi piece.

hand cutting vs saw

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This subject is debated, seemingly endlessly, on one of the FB pages I follow. Traditionalists are of the opinion that using a saw is cheating, essentially. I believe that for beginners, it is cheating a bit. I cut glass by hand for 4 years before buying my Gemini ring blade saw. I think it is a sound argument for developing your cutting skills first, before relying on a saw. once you have a saw, it is so easy to just use it since it is there, even on easy stuff. I wouldn’t have challenged myself to cut some difficult angles, if I had owned the saw early on.

the glow cut

This would have been a super simple cut with the ring saw. Maybe take 5 minutes. Instead, I cut it out by hand using Ringstar pliers, little nibble, by little nibble.

the glow

I then ground out the rest, switching back and forth between a regular bit, a 1/4″ bit and an 1/8″ bit. Took a couple of hours. The satisfaction of doing it has lasted for 9 years… and will last as long as the piece exists.

I use my saw fairly sparingly. If I have a cut that I must get done, and I only have one shot, then I will use the saw. If I have loaded a bunch of pattern pieces super tight a piece of glass (this goes back to having a limited amount of a specific glass), glass that is notoriously difficult to cut (drapery glass, ripple glass, or any translucent /opaque blend esp with lots of white in it), and deep inside curves are all situations in which I would use the saw. Oh, and points and right angles.

small lotus backlit

the saw certainly makes thing easier. I like to keep my cutting skills lubed up, so I use it as seldom as possible, but it is a worthy investment.

This top piece would h

glass as meditation

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Glass artists create an astounding amount of scrap glass. Astounding. We are loathe to part with it, too. It’s humorous really, the amount of scrap you end up having. I have seen photos of scrap glass storage that is larger than the amount of clothing I own. No lie. Especially once you get into mosaics, because you can use tiny-tiny, little pieces in mosaics, or glass-on-glass (aka GOG). It’s a problem.

lot 9 pinks reds

I had a thought at one point that I would begin doing GOG. After following a great group on FB for a year, I decided that the medium wasn’t for me. The level of minutiae was beyond me. GOG is much more versatile, in my opinion, than stained glass. Or perhaps I should say from my point of view. You can get a level of detail that is only equaled in those 1000+ pc tiffany lampshades. I severely dislike using small pieces in my stained glass. If I cannot get around a tiny piece, I will try a foil overlay. If that doesn’t work, I can suck it up, but I grumble the entire time. I am not quite as fanatically against small pcs as I was before I purchased Nick’s Grinders Mate. It is a great tool, and I would highly recommend it if you do not already own it. It will save your fingertips and nails when grinding.

lot 10 yellow: orange

I had begun to hoard glass scraps in anticipation of GOG. Once I decided not to do it, I thought perhaps I could sell it, but I never actually got around to figuring out the how-and-why of that. Last week I stopped by my local glass shop to pick up some copper patina, and my fingers began wandering thru a soda flat of some really great scrap. I began pulling pieces out, and the owner said those are already taken… she took me over to the pile of scrap. There was a ton of it. I have a couple of gallon milk jugs worth of scrap. She had 8 file boxes full, big scrap too, not just small stuff, like mine. It made my blood sing, to imagine it all sorted, and organized

glass scrap

She mentioned that she wanted it gone, and I ended up offering to box it up for her and put it up on a couple fb groups to sell, move it for her. She said ok, but on the day, supplies weren’t on hand, so I declined. I had worked myself all up to sort glass scraps, so I decided to sort mine. It had been a weird, frustrating day and I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Walking in circles and getting all huffy. So I poured a glass of wine and sat down at my table to photograph, box and weigh scraps. I ended up dumping out my big receptacle, and spent a couple enjoyable hours sorting by color and singing along to Ozzy’s Boneyard on SiriusXM. I sorted about 15 lbs of scrap.

glass scrap sorting

Posted the photos late last night, and by 10 am today, had sold all of it. I kinda wish I had more, now… and I have freed up a bunch of space on and around my work table. It has spurred me to photograph some other items I have, that I would like to sell, and begin listing them on ebay (not glass related). Good stuff.

better photos

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still not bright enough. today is sunny though, so i might take a few more.

round ganesha

little square ganesha   little sq ganesha backlit