The creative juices are flowing

Now that my last commission piece is officially handed over, and my worktable is cleaned up, I can move on to the next project. I finally listed a piece on Etsy. I only have the one piece, so I want to get some more up there. Figuring out the shipping costs is the hardest part. I need to figure out a better way to photograph these things too. Jake had sent me a article on how to biuld the ideal box for photographing jewelry, or small art objects… but I can’t find it!

Anyway. I thought about doing some small pieces, like suncatchers, but I need to come up with a better name than that. The usual suspects; butterflies, dragonflies, lotus blossoms, maybe a partial buddah head, some flowers. I had envisioned some really simple things, so I could make them fast, put them up.

I sat down after a nap, and did some sketching. Looked through some books for inspiration. Then I scanned the images in as blanks to work from, printed out a couple pages, and sketched some more. Pretty please with the results.


lotus suncatcher

lotus suncatcher

Nice and simple. I had the idea that if I could get a selection of images, that these could be hung in a three panel, one above the other, suspended on thing chains, with maybe little bits of beads dangling from the bottom corners.


Gerber daisy and Peacock Butterfly

Gerber daisy and Peacock Butterfly

 This one turned out a bit busy, but I will handle that during color selection. The flower will be pale, and the butterfly done in jewel tones, so it really pops. I like this one very much.


Dragonflies and grass

Dragonflies and grass

 Love the way this one turned out. Initially I wanted it to be small, and tight, but with the grass, you cant really have that, or it is just a bunch of lines. i think I will use some of my carefully hoarded confetti and streamers glass for the background on this.

So I am going to be starting on these pieces this week. Nothing really to use the saw on, though maybe I will, just to get some practice. Off to my day job now!


~ by kellig on April 9, 2009.

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  1. beautiful blog kelli…

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