jelly progress

yeah!! all the grinding is done!!

the new process of doing all the tiny pieces first is working out really well.

just jellies

the caps are a fucshia, which looks black in the photos. really happy with all the iridescence on the bodies, it looks so pretty.


with teal inserts

i love this teal wave glass. it is old, bought a sheet of it from Makin Glass. it is a total bitch to cut and grind, but worth it. it totally chewed up my grinder head, lol. but it is gorgeous. i’ll use more of it with the mom and baby humpback piece.

with dark water glass

now comes the tedious process of wrapping, or foiling all of it. the cranberry glass is textured with little squares. it won’t be any fun to foil. i have considered getting bit for textured glass, it grinds the surface down a bit so the foil goes on smoothly. with pieces this small though, i was afraid it would grind out too much and the detail would be lost.

so there it is. next post with be of the finished piece. i think i am going to go with silver solder. i don’t see how black would accent anything very well. i’m hoping to get a fucshia wire, 18 or 16 gauge, and add in the streamers. we’ll see how that goes too, lol.

happy Memorial Weekend!!



~ by kellig on May 29, 2011.

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  1. Love your work….beautiful

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