lampshade, again

I do not seem to be able to make a decision to save my life, lol.  have gone back and forth withe the design for the reading light shades for my bedroom. I really liked the shade i saw at lowe’s last week and I recreated it, intending to use it. but once i got it drawn up, the pieces wer too  large, and it wasn’t going to be an actual circle, and I lost my enthusiasm for it.

So I circled back to a design I love, and which is 100% original to me. The wave design from Hawaiian Fling.

The whale is a pattern from a book called Nature’s Wonders by Lisa Vogt. Everything else is me. I love the wave design, the curves, the sinuousness of it. The colors. I tried to use it in another commision I am doing, but it just didn’t work. Then I thought, hey, how about my lampshades? So here they are…


~ by kellig on May 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “lampshade, again”

  1. so which pattern have you finally decided on?

  2. Hi, you have beautiful pieces. Was just wondering how you managed to cut the glass for this “waves” lampshade – the shapes look impossible! Or is it all ground or sawn to shape? Appreciate your response 🙂

    • thank you Laura. the background glass was cut using a taurus/gemini ring saw, as you surmised. the rest was cut by hand and ground to fit.

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