done. ok, not quite.

I need a new word. 85% done. soldered. there, that works. it is the most accurate.

oooh, big! it cracks me up that the vertical pics are so much bigger than the horizontals. this is natural light, so coloring isn’t as even. I just wanted to get something up cuz I get excited that it is almost done!!!

super happy with the coral:


this glass is over 40 years old. totally cool to use it. it was a little difficult to cut,  but it ground beautifully, and the iridescence is variegated and really gorgeous.

also super happy with the dolphins. the grey/brown glass is also over 40 years old… found in an attic, in a cardboard suitcase. pretty neato.

huh. now that i look at it, it doesn’t look grey at all. it looks off white. still, its neato glass.

still having problems with my solder iron. i barely got this done. and it took 3.5  hours, when it should have taken 2… the iron cools off and then super heats so the flux boils out and pops all over the place. I have all these tiny burns on my arms and hands from the hot solder drops. they are stinging. I just had the iron serviced and a new tip put in. Hakko said it was fine, but it’s not. I’m trying not to be irritated, but…

its not the solder. I am currently using an off brand made here in USA (eagle brand, out of texas), but I had a spool of mastercraft and a spool of canfield, and the iron fluctuated with both of those. plus, if i set the temp regulator for the correct temp, nothing happens. it doesn’t get hot at all. i have to turn it way up before it will even melt the solder and then it is just too damn hot. the only other thing i can try is new flux. the flux i am using is super old and maybe it is contaminated or something. so i’ll go pick up some new flux and try that out. but dang, it is irritating. i finally got to a point where I was happy with my solder lines and now i can’t get it to work.


~ by kellig on July 10, 2012.

7 Responses to “done. ok, not quite.”

  1. wow, you came a long way in one night

  2. The two mottled glasses for the dolphins is just perfect. And I like the way you designed the cut lines to radiate from one corner. Usually it is waves of water more horizontal but your way is so nice.

    • Thank you!! I had two slivers of that dolphin glass. And one piece cracked when I scored it, sadly. That’s the reason for the position of the dolphins, lol. So I could get all of them with the same glass.

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  3. Can you please email me regarding this project? Thank you.

  4. want to buy this pattern how do we do it

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