soldering iron dilemma figured out

i don’ think I ever posted the ending of the iron saga.

It wasn’t staying hot, just to remind you. And the flux was popping and splattering all over the place. I purchased new flux, gel flux, and I LOVE it. it still pops a bit if I use too much, but overall i am super dooper happy with it. I think the old stuff was just old and dirty. it was about 20 yr old flux, maybe even older. i purchased it with a huge lot of glass and stuff, from a lady out in French Gulch.

Turns out I had the temp set wrong. I was setting it at F, when it was a C number. Reset the iron, and all is well. Also realized that whent he AC comes on, the iron cools down. I have a fan, as well, that blows the solder fumes away from me, and that cools the air around the iron and causes problems. I used to have the fan in front of me, with the back to me, pulling the air away, but moved it. Needless to say, I will be moving it back, lol.

I took a bit of a break to do some other art stuff, but turns out that project is a warm weather project. and the weather is no longer warm. So… back to glass. Finished another small commision, to go with the modern rose window i did a couple months ago. A lovely client purchased that and asked for another, with different colors so they could be gifts for sisters-in-law for Xmas. Today I finally photgraphed them and packaged them for airplane travel. I am sending out an email to a select few, offering my misc glass pieces for sale. Stuff that I am no longer in love with, or isn’t being hung and enjoyed, stuff that needs a new home.

ok, time to do other stuff.



~ by kellig on November 19, 2012.

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  1. Yeah, AC and fans really aren’t your friend when soldering. You may need to adjust your temperature to keep up with the rate of cooling the fan creates.

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