Christmas again

Wasn’t I just writing about christmas commissions? No? huh. Feels like I was.

Here is the current piece:

walker foiled

Like a doofus, I made the top rounded. I couldn’t find a piece of glass long enough for the entire width, so I domed it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I vaguely remember lamenting about a round piece in my past, lol, and how I was never, EVER, going to do that again. Should have listened to myself.

I’m using 3/8″ zinc to edge it, and am having a hell of a time. i have cut it up into pieces to get around the curve, and I loathe how it looks. Loathe. It. Just before I was going to bang my head against the wall, a little voice in my brain whispered you were supposed to use 1/4″ zinc on the top… easier to bend…

And so it is. Nonetheless I have stepped away for the moment. Having a cup of fake coffee. Posting here. Once this piece is done, I have to whip out a cross for a client. Just a small pink cross with scrolls. It should only take a day. I am hoping this Walker piece will be done by next weekend. Truth be told, I would like it done by Friday night, so I have the weekend to get the cross  done.

Going to try some new thign next year, some abstract pieces. I have several sheets of glass are just beautiful all by themselves. I haven’t been able to find anything that I really want to use them in. So I have decided to try using the pretty piece of glass as the focal point itself, and work the other stuff around it. We’ll see how that turns out.


~ by kellig on December 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Christmas again”

  1. I like the look of the curved top. It is likely too late now but couldn’t you have switched to 1/4 on just the top? I did a curve on the bottom of a piece but used 1/4 so didn’t have trouble with it. I had a beautiful piece of glass that I bought on impulse from a sale bin at my local shop. I didn’t want to cut it up into little pieces either. I ended up making an oval to maximize the sheet of glass then cut a few lines through it to go around some coordinating glass blobs and a few wire decor to coordinate with the scrolly plant holder I was going to hang it from outdoors. It was a great way to showpiece the glass, especially since I didn’t have a place for it indoors or where it would look good color-wise.

    • That is just what I did, used the 1/4″ on top. I wasn’t especially clear about the switch, lol. I hate that I hacked up a $10 piece of zinc came, and cant now use it. but I’ll get over that. Where are some photos if your stuff??

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  2. I get it, yah, cutting it up to try to make the curve would not look good. Best to waste the zinc than try to make it work poorly. Painful to the pocket book though. If I had your email I could email you a couple pics, or we could be facebook friends. I have a gallery of my glass projects.

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