teaching a class

I have learned a few things, as I put together a class for beginning stained glass. I will incorporate them into the next class, if I elect to teach one. Which I probably will.

1. People wait until the last minute to sign up. Always. One third of the class signed up after the deadline, and now I am scrambling.

2. People always want you to cut them some slack on the rules, and offer amazingly intricate excuses as to why you should do so. One lady who inquired into the class wanted to know if I would sign her up, order all her tools and supplies on my dime, and she would pay me on the 3rd of the month, after she got her check from the state. Really? Wrong on several levels.

3. Some choices are hard. Buy locally and risk not having a bunch of colors I want, or buy from the SG supplier and pay outrageous shipping costs on the glass. I went with ordering it and having it shipped. $200 in glass, $150 to ship it. Yes, I am serious. Despite its cost, it was the better choice in the end. I went to the local shop to get glass for the latecomers, and she had half of the color choices I wanted.

I’m going to have to total everything up today and make sure I am not spending more money than I took in (a habit, i’m sad to announce), and re-evalute the necessity of the remaining supplies. Its fun, honestly. Can’t wait to start the class. Sixteen more days.


~ by kellig on February 2, 2014.

One Response to “teaching a class”

  1. In defense of buying from a local shop, with a little more notice they likely would/could have ordered the glass you wanted. I know my shop makes glass orders regularly and will order whatever you want. Another option for next time is to just not allow late students by staying firm to the sign up deadline. They could be told it was too late to get their supplies (which is the truth) and to sign up for the next class, thus encouraging students for a next class. Or at least charge them an additional fee for the added price in supplies and your time for having to source additional supplies. I hope your numbers come up within your budget.

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