Never say ‘last’.

Happy belated New Year, lol. I have been very absent from this page for far too long. Life gets in the way of life, and i was focused on other things. 2015 was an eventful year, full of new experiences, travel and growth. I’m hoping 2016 will be a little less of a rollercoaster, while incorporating some travel and personal growth.

In my glass practice I had one more commission last year, after saying the tree was my last. It was a new twist on a popular piece, Dragonflies in Grass. It needed to fit a 20×30 window, and have a horizontal layout. i like the new orientation quite a bit. i’m thinking of playing with the design for a later project, adding in some other denizens of the insect world; ladybug, preying mantis… that kind of thing.


It was a treat to be able to work on this piece in a large size. Nice big pieces for cutting and grinding, lol.

Here it is in place. Looks great, and it’s so gratifying to be able to see it hung in it’s new home. Thank you ES for the opportunity to create a lovely window for you.


~ by kellig on February 14, 2016.

6 Responses to “Never say ‘last’.”

  1. Looks absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. All I see is the work in progress, not the finished panel picture.

  3. testing to see if i get notifications…

  4. I still only see the WIP, not the finished piece.

  5. Does anyone have a favored place to purchase the bars and pins. and also glass online that is fair price? Nice job. I like projects this size. Ive never done anythng smaller. I would like to try some smaller projects

    • the bars are called layout blocks (nonsensical name) and are available from most glass suppliers. additionally, you can find aluminum pieces at home depot and cut your own with a hand saw. the pins are aluminum as well and as far as i can tell you can only find them at glass supply places. my favorite online supplier is, they have the best prices as far as i can tell. also has excellent prices on things. both are privately owned, the first is a family affair and they are wonderfulyy helpful, the second is a gentleman on his own.

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