Here’s my chance

A friend recently post on social media ‘Be careful of how you ask for things…’ implying that my wish for a month off was not yearned for in the right manner, and now we have a pandemic and shelter-in-place orders. I’m refusing to take that on, myself. However it has come about, I now have a month off (longer in fact, as of yesterdays announcement) in which I can work glass on the daily.

so I have been. I finished the mermaid piece. It is the very first purpose-built window for the studio. she turned out wonderfully.

(I’ll have to take a photo later, I only have video)

I cleaned up some paws I hadn’t quite finished, posted them on my fb page, and sold them, yay!! I agreed to a commission of an Oak tree, probably close to a year ago now, and have never quite managed to mentally get behind the idea. with this time frame, I found a pattern I liked and began altering it. I received approval and the deposit from the client, then drove past a gorgeous oak tree in a field, went back and took pictures, came home and completely redesigned the panel.

I did a quickie project, another commission. this one is a cowskull. with dangly feathers. the photos do not do it justice at all. the feathers were quite fun to put together. I’ll do more, but larger, once I’m finished with the tree.


Good times. I need a good audiobook though. I’ve finished one series and am now at a loss. I’ve started two books and just cannot get into them. oh well.

more later. take care out there.


~ by kellig on April 1, 2020.

One Response to “Here’s my chance”

  1. Kelli,
    Always great to see and know what you are doing. Thank you for the update 😊
    Stay safe and enjoy your glass time.

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