For Purchase

SALE $400   Serenity Buddha 31 x 28 framed in 2″ green wooden frame. $600 shipping avail.

buddha abstract best

This piece has been exceptionally difficult to photo. The colors are so rich, my photographic skills are not up to par.




SALE  $250   Deep Currents  23 x 28 framed in zinc  $325 can ship, also can be delivered from NorCal to the Bay Area at Christmas time.

natural light

natural light

white backing

white backing



SALE  $50   Jellies (blue cap, white cap) 6 x 15  $60 each  shipping available

fall jellies


8 Responses to “For Purchase”

  1. Hello, Your work is wonderfull, no sorry its great(Boss) as my son says.
    I would like to know are you giving classes. I try doing it but not sure how to end it. I look forward to hearing from you. I also live in NCal.

    • gita, thank your for lovely comments. i don’t give classes, i’m sorry. it is strictly a hobby for me. for classes, i recommend Makin Glass located in Anderson, CA, near Redding. if you search google for that name, their website will come up. very nice ladies, good classes. you can find them on FB too.

  2. Do u give classes? If so can u send ur address.

  3. Hi Kelli. Love your work. I was wondering if you sell your patterns. I would like to make the underwater scene ( Dolphins, turtle, fish) for my brother. He is a diver and would love it. Thank you, Kim

  4. can you do just dolphins in water with waves

  5. Your dolphin and sea turtle is beautiful! Do you sell your patterns? I, too, do stained glass as a hobby and this is for a window I’m my home. (Not to sell) . Please let me know

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